In September, embroidery machine manufacturer ZSK launched new products at the fourth edition of its Open House Messe at its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany.

This year, ZSK has introduced three new models to its Sprint range: the Sprint 7, Sprint 7L and Sprint 7XL. The three have 18 needles and servo drive systems, and are said to be more efficient on longer stitch lengths compared to the Sprint 6 Series. The drive system for the 7L and 7XL hangs from the top of the machines, allowing larger items such as golf bags to be embroidered.

Numerous other developments were shown at the open house, including the simplification of the colour change process in the Sprint and Racer machines with MCP35 electronics. A new catcher motor has been installed that reduces the time of the catcher process, and the starting speed after a thread cut, as well as the speed of the last stitches prior to a thread cut, have been improved, reports UK distributor Stocks. It adds: “The overall time saving is around two seconds per process. A partial benefit can be achieved even without the new catcher motor by installing the latest T8-2 software.”

A connection plate is now available for tubular frames that allows users to install Tajima arms on ZSK machines and continue to use their existing Tajima frames. A new stitch plate insert has been introduced for the Sprint and Racer Series. “The tubular arm of these models does not require a cap insert anymore for the majority of hats,” explains Stocks. “The new standard insert has a 0.3mm sunk centre and improves the stitch quality on filled stitch designs.”

Other innovations include a strengthened casting of the tubular arm, and the launch of red bobbins.