Embroidery machine manufacturer ZSK has developed a machine extension that allows users to create patches with hook-and-loop fasteners, reports UK distributor Stocks.

Designed for use on the ZSK Sprint 7 single-head machine, the fully automated solution embroiders the carrier tape and sews it onto a hook tape.

“The production of patches with Velcro has so far been cumbersome and not suitable for mass production,” explained the UK distributor for ZSK, Stocks Embroidery & Sewing Solutions.

“A carrier material was customised with printing or embroidery in a first work step. In further work steps, the processed tape was then cut to fit and sewn onto the hook tape manually.”

The new process from ZSK using materials supplied on rolls; the finished product is also wound onto a roll and can be further processed with an industrial laser cutter, suggests Stocks.