Zakeke says it revolutionises how brands and retailers interact with their customers by offering a live, interactive product personalisation experience complete with 3D/AR views

“Seamlessly integrating with both online and offline platforms, it provides an enriched ‘design-your-own’ experience that engages consumers, and meets their unique tastes and needs,” explains the Italian software company.

“In an era where customers desire to have a central role in product design, Zakeke meets this demand by enabling mass customisation!”

With limitless visual customisation options, customers can also personalise products by selecting from a wide variety of designs, creating templates in editable areas, and choosing from an array of colours, sizes and styles, adds Zakeke.

“Businesses can automate their processes for a seamless go-to-print experience. Cloud-based, cross-platform and multilingual to fit any store, anywhere, Zakeke is the ultimate professional, visual commerce platform.”

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