Your Print Specialists (YPS) has announced the launch of Your Print Institute, designed to offer training courses, workshops and vocational education to the digital print industry.

Your Print Institute is an initiative designed to help commercial printers, sign makers, designers, creatives and crafters gain skills that allow them to harness their talents and help them get saleable products to market, through using local resource centres that enable and support digital print making, explained YPS.

“Your Print Institute is a unique opportunity for everyone in the industry, from technical and application experts, manufacturers and suppliers to come together with end users, home-workers and students to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

“This will help creatives and small businesses looking to get involved in digital print the ability to accelerate ideas, to connect with key personnel and share resource and knowledge to help them get their creative businesses up and running.”

YPS is aiming to run courses across a broad section of equipment, markets and skills, including:

  • Epson introductory print sublimation course.
  • Solvent and graphic large-format print and cut course
  • Wallpaper print and design course.
  • UV print and promotional product course.
  • Printer maintenance training course.
  • Colour management software training.
  •  Upholstery
  • Soft furnishing and sewing course.

Your Print Institute will offer training courses, workshops and vocational education 

These entry level courses will introduce users to the basic requirements of software and digital print, including housekeeping and printer maintenance. All course fees are redeemable against any future purchase.

Georgia Brown, sales director at YPS, said: “We think it is vitally important to help creatives coming into our industry to have access to the best information and resources to help them make the best choices and have the right skills to succeed.

“We are bringing together the leading players in many areas of digital printing technology, including textiles and upholstery, giftware, crafters, signage, fine art reproductions and high-end photography to inspire our students and help them embark on digital print making projects with confidence.

“We want to help people enhance their business with new skill sets, create new revenue streams, start a new business and gain portable skills to make them more employable. In recent years, the digital print revolution has created a skills gap and YPI offers the chance to fill this gap and create employment.

“We are working hard to ensure the first YPI location in Newcastle meets all the requirements for Covid-19. When appropriate, we will be able to run training courses, demonstrations and workshops from here. Other Institutes will soon be opening in Manchester and London, with more in the pipeline.”