In addition to SWF embroidery machines, YES offers compact single-head machines from Ricoma

YES worked closely with embroidery machine manufacturer SWF to develop the Dual Function model, which the company claims “is still the only machine that is capable of embroidering two different patterns and/or products at the same time, making it the most productive machine in today’s market”. The company has carried out a speed comparison test between the Dual Function machine and a traditional embroidery machine, both with eight heads, and says the Dual Function machine increased production by up to 25% (check out the SWF Dual Function YouTube video posted by YES for the full comparison).

Refined SWF models are expected to be released in 2017 – the exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

Also available from YES are the Ricoma single-heads. The company comments: “Specialising in small compact machines, this innovative manufacturer has turned production into an art with the machines carrying many features that were previously recognised as being ‘optional’.”

In addition, YES also sells software, including the latest version of DRAWings, version 8.


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