Japanese fastening solutions company YKK has developed what is described as “the world’s first user-repairable zipper” in collaboration with performance clothing supplier Artilect.

The zip slider can be twisted off and replaced by the user while outdoors or in a shop without needing to ship the garment back for repairs which costs time and money.

The rail groove prevents the slider from unintentionally coming off during normal operation. To remove the slider from the top stop, you move the slider in a zig-zag pattern.

The new Vislon Revived zip has been introduced on Artilect’s Formation 3L Shell and High AF down jacket and will eventually be rolled out to its full product line in future seasons.

Artilect co-founder and CEO Trent Bush said: “This simple innovation is just the starting point for Artilect’s repairability collaboration with YKK and, together with our other ground-breaking sustainability technologies, creates a product ecosystem that will ensure the sustainable life of our products is maximised and they will always perform at the highest level.”

Artilect is also introducing a Vislon tooth repair kit and snap-on sliders for closed-end (pocket/vent) zips.

YKK has developed other world-first innovations in collaboration with Artilect, including PU Conceal Zippers and TouchLink, which is a fastener puller with a built-in NFC chip that reads registered information when a smartphone is brought close to it. This allows customers to access product information, register their warranty, and get care instructions and other information such as safety benefits.

Founded in Tokyo in 1934 and now supplying garment manufacturers internationally, YKK specialises in fastening products such as zips, hook and loop fasteners, plastic buckles, and snaps and buttons.


YKK Artilect Revived Zipper

Pictured: YKK’s Revived zipper on Artilect’s Formation 3L Shell (left) and High AF Down Parka