Your Embroidery Services (YES) has announced the launch of the CHT2 compact embroidery machine series from Ricoma.

Ricoma, which is headquartered in Miami, USA and has its manufacturing facility located in Shenzen, China, has developed what YES calls its “most innovative multi-head to date” to make embroidery on tubular, flat panels, caps and other finished garments faster and easier than ever. “With a memory capacity of 50 million stitches, the CHT2 hosts the perfect combination of quality and efficiency that every embroiderer needs to grow his or her business,” said YES.

It continued: “Each head carries a standard 400mm by 450mm embroidery area, making it easier to embroider larger designs and garments such as jackets and bags. To ensure the highest quality with every stitch, Ricoma has introduced new dual-timing belt and servo-driven pantograph systems that enable smoother transition and movement. This stability ensures the CHT2 is its quietest multi-head series yet. The higher torque creates the power and control to stitch through complex designs at a maximum speed of 1000spm without compromising quality.”

The Ricoma CHT2 multi-head is available now as a four-, six- and 12-head.