New 20-needle embroidery machines offer high speeds, advanced technology and increased productivity

New from YES Group are the Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s Series embroidery machines. “Available as one-, two- and three-head 20-needle models, the Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s are packed full of advanced technology,” reports YES.

Starting with 20 needles, anything is possible, adds YES: you can calibrate a set of needles for different fabric applications to enable maximum stitch quality on specific garments such as workwear, caps and knitwear, and even have a set of needles for techniques such as leather embroidery ready to go!

“This advanced 20-needle technology can reduce your set-up times between projects so you can spend more time running your business,” adds the company. “From embroidering large orders to fine detail, the Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s are perfectly engineered for extra small to large embroidery projects, including embroidering caps, flats, jackets, bags and more at high speeds of up to 1,200 stitches per minute, without compromising on quality.”

The RCM20 and MT20 8s models are available in a range of multi-heads as well as a single-head option

The RCM20 and MT20 8s Series machines are ideal for those looking to scale up their operation

Embroidery area

The Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s models have a large embroidery area of up to 510mm by 355mm per head, enough space to create large, vibrant designs and accommodate multiple designs within each hoop.

“The machines will easily increase your productivity,” says YES, while the machine’s slim sewing arm allows users to embroider on small finished garments and tight areas like shirt cuffs without interference.

Wide angle cap system

“Let’s not forget the 270° wide angle cap system – you can power through tough structured caps from ear-to-ear without having to adjust the cap, as well as embroider 3D puff designs up to three inches high perfectly.”

Sturdy construction

Whether you’re embroidering onto leather or thick jackets, the Ricoma’s sturdy construction is designed to handle a multitude of materials of varying thicknesses. In addition, the MT series has a larger opening around the sewing arm for bulkier items such as golf bags and football boots.

What does your business really need?

“If your answer is ‘economic, flexible and production-ready industrial embroidery equipment with 20 needles, fully loaded with networking capabilities’, then our solution, the Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s 20-needle single-head and multi-head model embroidery machines are perfect for those just beginning or expanding their embroidery journey.”

If you’re looking to scale-up your production then YES suggests looking at the very latest Ricoma RCM20 and MT20 8s 2001, 2002 and 2003 models and attachments. The machines are available in a range of multi-heads including two-, three- and four-head machines.

Ricoma 20-needle embroidery technology is exclusively supplied by YES Group. To find out more about the Ricoma brand and YES’s products and services, visit its website, or head to stand G10 at the P&P Live! 2022 exhibition where the company will be offering “a fantastic show deal”.