Ricoma is launching its range of 20-needle RCM & MT20 8s Series embroidery machines in the UK through YES Group.

The new machines use advanced technology that allows for options such as calibrating sets of needles for fine text and setting specific needles for heavy garments and caps.

The Ricoma RCM & MT20 8s Series machines are available as one-, two- and three-head models, supplied in the UK exclusively by YES Group, with an official launch date of 1 December 2021.

They are suitable for projects from very small to large, capable of embroidering caps, flats, jackets, and bags at speeds of up to 1,200 stitches per minute without compromising on quality.

They have a large embroidery area of up to 510mm by 355mm per head which is enough space to create large, vibrant designs or accommodate multiple designs within each hoop, easily increasing productivity. The machines are fully loaded with networking capabilities.

Their slim sewing arm allows you to embroider on small finished garments or tight areas like shirt cuffs without interference.

With the 270-degree wide angle cap system, tough structured caps can be embroidered from ear to ear without having to adjust the cap.

The machines’ sturdy construction means they can handle all sorts of materials of varying thickness including leather and thick jackets. They can also embroider 3D puff designs up to three inches high perfectly.

YES Group has highlighted that the single-head Ricoma RCM & MT20 8s 20-needle embroidery machine is perfect for those just beginning their embroidery start-up journey.

The company supplies the Ricoma RCM & MT20 8s 2001, 2002 and 2003 models and attachments, with two, three or four heads, for decorators looking to scale up.

The Ricoma RCM & MT20 8s series will be showcased at Printwear & Promotion Live! in February 2022.

Based in Miami, Ricoma International Corporation is a specialist in commercial embroidery machines.