Xpres has launched Ultra Cut Turbo, which it calls the “definitive all purpose transfer film”.

The new polyurethane transfer film features a special hotmelt for quick application at low temperatures: put simply, transfers can be applied to cotton in just three seconds and to polyesters in five seconds. Images visited Xpres’s headquarters to test the Ultra Cut Turbo and can confirm the speed of application. We were also shown a T-shirt that had undergone a ‘lifetime’s washing’ in the company’s testing facility and can report that the Ultra Cut Turbo transfers on the T-shirt were all still in a very good condition.

The press temperature for polyester is 130°C, while cotton is 130-160°C and uncoated nylons is 150°C. The new film offers both hot and cold peel, and the resulting finish is soft and matt. It is suitable for multi-colour transfer layering, excluding metallic and neon colours. There are 24 colours to choose from and the samples sent out to customers have so far been extremely well-received, reports the company.

Ultra Cut Turbo is REACH compliant and Oeko-Tex accredited, and starts at £5.50 a metre.

The Ultra Cut Turbo in action


Ultra Cut Turbo is loaded onto the cutter


The film is placed face down on to the garment and pressed for just 3-5 seconds at between 130°C – 160°C, depending on fabric type


The film is cut and the excess weeded away


The finished print