Xpres offers the SureColour SC-F series from Epson

“Create high-quality textiles including clothing, sportswear, home furnishings and soft signage with the SureColour SC-F series range from Epson,” says Xpres. “Take creativity to new levels with the ability to print on to hard or soft substrates. The roll-to-roll dye sublimation printers have been developed specifically by one manufacturer to ensure everything works seamlessly together.”

Epson Precision Core TFP print heads ensure high throughput and long production life, while variable-sized ink droplets enhance high-quality results. Working in tandem with the print heads, Epson’s UltraChrome DS ink-set helps achieve the best possible results, while keeping printing cost down. It includes HDK Black ink, which has been created primarily for use with textiles to help produce deep, neutral blacks and dense shadows.

“Minimal downtime and maximum productivity are just a few of the many benefits of the SC-F series: it’s perfect for delivering quality and performance,” concludes Xpres.



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