Garment print supplies specialist Xpres has added to its extensive transfer film range with its first vegan and environmentally friendly option, Eco Flex.

It is a self-adhesive zero-solvent and zero-PVC water-based PU heat transfer film which is available on an eco-friendly paper carrier.

Applicable on all types of textiles, Eco Flex can be transferred at temperatures as low as 130C for just 10 seconds.

At 80 microns, the thin and elastic material comes in a matt finish and is soft to the touch, easy to weed and can be washed up to 60C repeatedly while retaining its best finish.

Eco Flex is available in 21 vibrant colours from white, reds and blues to fluorescent blue, green, pink and yellow. It comes in rolls 50 centimetres wide by 25 metres, five metres or one metre.