As its exclusive UK partner, Xpres supplies the full range of Aeoon Technologies’ automated industrial direct-to-garment (DTG) printers and pretreatment units for the digital textile printing market

“Customers can access production-level DTG solutions in a more cost-effective way than ever before.

“One of many exciting options within the Aeoon range is the Compact DTG Printer — this high-performance industrial textile printer is the ideal solution for new or experienced textile printing companies.

“The Compact Series offers high output with an average of 150+ pieces per hour, and unmatched print quality, in a smaller footprint than Aeoon’s flagship KYO Series.”

In addition, Aeoon’s RIP software optimises high-resolution artwork with a touch of a key, sends it to the printer and is ready to go, adds Xpres.

“The software automatically adjusts the white underbase to optimise the cost per print.”

In addition, Aeoon offers a large selection of platens “to offer the most flexibility for customers and, like all Aeoon printers, deliver high-resolution quality prints”.

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