This stunningly detailed World of Warcraft print is a collaboration between separations specialist Flying Colours Textiles and screen printing company Advartex. The director of Flying Colours, Engin Ibrahim, breaks down the separation process used to achieve this photorealistic result

The design was part of three big-selling merch T-shirt designs for the box-office hit World of Warcraft, all separated by Flying Colours and printed by Advartex.

“Whether its solid block colours or a complex colour photographic image, we only ever use Adobe Photoshop for colour separation,” says Engin.

“We go through the original image and ‘separate’ each colour to eventually build them up so that the separation looks identical to the original image – generally, what we see on screen is how the final print on the shirt will look.”

For more details on how Flying Colours Textiles created the print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our June 2022 issue here