Britain is facing a shortage of ties as people return to offices and delays continue to hit global shipping – but suppliers in the garment decoration sector have been prepared.

Retailers such as John Lewis have struggled to re-stock to meet demand, blaming a “huge spike in sales” as weddings restarted and people refreshed their wardrobe after working from home.

However, school tie suppliers such as William Turner & Son have reported no problems as they plan so far ahead and operate in a different market, while workwear specialist Premier Clothing acted well in advance as it foresaw potential problems.

Laura Dutton, marketing co-ordinator at Premier Clothing, said: “Foreseeing the impact that Brexit could have had on our supplies, we stockpiled rolls of fabric, especially for our most popular Colours Collection ties.

“We forecast our stock supplies months in advance and co-ordinate our freight in good time so we are not so sensitive to shipments delays. Of course this is a challenging time for all brands in the industry, but so far we are managing to meet the demand.”

She added that a number of Premier’s ties are made in the UK, meaning that it can react quickly to an increase in demand and enjoy a “very quick” turnaround.

Laura said: “We know that having stock on hand in our own UK warehouse gives our distributors the confidence to accept orders from their customers, safe in the knowledge that we have a ready supply.”

She confirmed that Premier had seen a steady increase in demand generally, with ties featuring heavily on orders from its distributors.

“We’ve also seen an increase in enquiries to our website from businesses and sport clubs who have had Premier ties in the past and need replenishment, which is suggestive that staff are returning to the workplace and sports team are back on tour.”

In terms of the latest trends, Premier’s collection of skinny ties is popular with customers who seek a more modern twist while its Colours Collection boasts ties in up to 40 colours.

“There’s no doubt that the corporate and hospitalitywear trends are more relaxed these days,” Laura added, “but the wearing of a tie is still a critical accessory for employees in many industries from bus drivers to legal representatives, security offices to service teams.”