Branded clothing and merchandise company Wild Thang has announced its NHS campaign T-shirts will be displayed at the Museum of Liverpool.

The Liverpool-based company designed four T-shirts, each carrying a message of support and awareness for the NHS during the coronavirus lockdown, which will now be showcased in a new display at the Museum of Liverpool documenting the impact of Covid-19 on the city and its communities.

Andrew Dwerryhouse, managing director of Wild Thang, commented: “As for many companies across the UK, it continues to be a challenging time for Wild Thang as a business because of the effects of the coronavirus and the lockdown, so when this came, completely out of the blue, it was a real team morale booster and has filled Wild Thang with such pride.

“Our team’s efforts to make a difference, by producing our branded campaign T-shirts to raise funds and awareness to highlight the efforts the NHS were making and the importance of social distancing, has been recognised.

“It’s a real honour to know we have made our very own little piece of history that will be documented in the museum archives for decades and even centuries to come, made in Liverpool and displayed in the Museum of Liverpool.

“It was a real treat to be shown the Covid-19 curation in person by the curator of this display, Kay Jones, at the Museum of Liverpool. When we viewed the display in person, we even spotted some printed cotton tote bags we had produced for those volunteer face shield manufacturing heroes, Merseyside PPE Hub, who were also included in the curation.

“If any good has come out of this incredibly difficult time, it’s the way our communities have pulled together, and really recognised all the hard work and sacrifices the NHS workers have made to make sure as many people affected by the virus could have the best possible life-saving care.

“It has never been more apparent to Wild Thang as a company that we can all make a difference. We are stronger together, even when socially distanced apart.”