Precise and instant stitch estimations – anytime, anywhere!

“WilcomWorkspace offers you a complete suite of affordable online apps, placing the power of an embroidery expert in your hands,” says the global software developer. “Together you can view, resize, recolour, print worksheets, convert to machine stitch files and estimate stitch counts from the convenience of a web browser on your PC, MAC or tablet devices.”

WilcomWorkspace Estimator

The newest addition to WilcomWorkspace is Estimator – a simple and effective online app for accurate quoting. It decreases quotation time as there is no longer the requirement for a professional digitiser or embroidery expert to calculate the number of stitches in a design, Wilcom explains.

Fast and accurate estimates

Using the new app, you can provide an instant stitch estimate along with a visual representation of the design. It is easy to adjust the size of a logo or upload an alternative image in a different colour, and you can also upload a logo with a different orientation to best suit your customer’s aesthetics or budget. “This can all be done on the spot for customer approval, greatly increasing your ability to close a sale,” adds Wilcom.

“Estimator gives you complete flexibility to estimate and re-estimate as often as you like with incredible speed and accuracy.”

The latest addition to WilcomWorkspace is the Estimator

To use the app, you simply upload a high-quality bitmap image and Wilcom’s proprietary cloud technology will convert it to a visual stitch estimation in seconds. “With an instant visual representation of their embroidered logo now available, you can receive immediate feedback from a customer, making the job far more efficient,” Wilcom points out.

Maximise profit with expert embroidery tools

It is always challenging to hire specialist sales or support staff who have embroidery experience, Wilcom notes.

“With Estimator, you are free to focus on finding the best sales and support personnel and empower them with expert embroidery tools that are easy to use.” The company adds that the app’s precise stitch count ensures that quotes are accurate every time, ensuring that you maximise your embroidery profits.

The Estimator provides an instant stitch estimate along with a visual representation of the design

“Save time and money. Quote with confidence, every time. Subscribe to the WilcomWorkspace Estimator today!” concludes Wilcom.