EmbroideryStudio e4.5 offers powerful digitising and editing tools, includes a library of world-famous embroidery lettering, and is integrated with the CorelDraw Graphics Suite, says Wilcom

“The dual-screen aspect of EmbroideryStudio and CorelDraw offers a decisive advantage, adding a seamless transition when working with embroidery and vector files.

“Users can easily change a customer’s graphical logo or design by adding text, modifying colours or graduations, adding effects, or editing the graphics slightly or entirely!”

In addition, CorelDraw’s PowerTrace can be used to quickly convert your customers’ jpegs into vector files, adds Wilcom.

“Need to produce an embroidery from graphics for a quick stitch estimate, or to auto-digitise it for later work? It’s made possible with this unique integration, and it’s just as easy to convert an embroidery file back to a graphic file.

“The dual software interface means you have the best of embroidery and graphics at your fingertips — it’s used in fashion and design, interior design, luxurious cars, logo work, sportswear, uniforms, outsourced designs, education and training, and so much more!”

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is included and fully integrated with both EmbroideryStudio Designing and EmbroideryStudio Decorating.


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