Wilcom’s new release, EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition, is “packed with an array of cutting-edge features, a 14-day free trial, and seamless multi-device access” to allow decorators to work wherever suits them best

In addition, EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition comes with dongle-free access for convenient download and activation. Wilcom subscriptions are also now available, making digitising with its embroidery software more accessible and economical than ever, explains Wilcom.

“Whether you prefer outright ownership, annual or a monthly subscription, we’ve tailored our offerings to match your needs precisely.

“When you opt for the EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition subscription, it unlocks a host of benefits. One of the standout advantages is continuous access to new features and updates at no additional cost — you’ll never have to update again!

“With the Designing level subscription plan, you’ll stay up to date, armed with the best tools to unleash your creativity!”

The Wilcom subscription also offers you the freedom and flexibility to scale your business up or down as needed, adds the software supplier.

“Adding more licences or additional elements is as simple as a single click, giving you the power to adapt effortlessly. Plus, you’ll also have access to our dedicated customer support team.”