The Firedown Jacket promises a great warmth-to-weight ratio
The new Firedown Bodywarmer

New compressible Firedown styles offer superior outdoor protection and comfort on the go

“The new Firedown family provides the perfect work companion. With both a jacket and bodywarmer option, the versatile range promises comfort, warmth and protection on the go,” reports Regatta Professional.

Both Firedown styles have an on-trend hi-shine finish for added style, and their USP is their unique compression properties, which allow the garments to be easily packed away when the sun comes out or you head indoors.

Firedown jacket For rainy days, reach for the new Firedown Jacket, a down-touch insulated padded style that’s water-repellent and perfect for wearing in the great outdoors.

Made from a lightweight fabric, the jacket is available for men and women and has “a great warmth-to-weight ratio for a truly cosy, bulk-free wear”, explains the brand.

Performance features include stretch binding to the cuffs and hems to help lock in warmth and prevent cold air from getting in.

Firedown bodywarmer Packing all the benefits of the jacket, the Firedown Bodywarmer is the perfect transeasonal layer and the go-to style when you’re busy dashing off to meetings, says Regatta, “providing the agility you need when you have a busy schedule”.

The bodywarmer features lightweight but warming insulation that helps wearers move with ease, and its two convenient zipped pockets are ideal for safely storing keys, phone and personal items.

“Simple in their style, the uncomplicated Firedown designs will become winter essentials,” concludes Regatta Professional.