Stanley/Stella’s SS20 collection is effortlessly stylish and respects the planet

This season, Stanley/Stella turns up the heat and lets the sunshine in. The brand’s SS20 collection features new airy proportions, slub T-shirt styles, festival-inspired colourways and dyeing techniques.

“Sleeveless tees, cropped tops, wide fits and lighter fabrics give a fresh, summery feel, as do new colours celebrating vintage garment dyes and bright fluorescents. From blush pinks, smoky greys and misty yellows to fluorescent greens and oranges, this season effortlessly mixes chill vibes with festival fever,” explains Ralawise.

The Essentials Collection This year, Stanley/Stella is launching a brand new line – The Essentials Collection. This new collection features a unisex hoodie, unisex T-shirt and women’s T-shirt, and offers the “perfect choice for promoting a band or a cause, or identifying a team, tribe or tourist destination”, says Ralawise.

The multi-brand distributor explains: “The Essentials are targeted at those who are looking for a simplified collection, but who refuse to compromise on quality and sustainable values. 

“This collection is competitively priced and delivers the same high quality, superior printability and premium service that you expect from Stanley/Stella.”

The Iconics The brand is already well known for its Unisex Creator Iconic T-shirt (SX001) and Unisex Cruiser Iconic Hoodie Sweatshirt (SX005), says Ralawise. 

The Unisex Creator Iconic T-shirt from Stanley/Stella

“These two hero items from the brand’s Iconics collection are must-have pieces, designed to be kept in the wardrobe for years because of their premium fabric, attention to detail and high-quality workmanship.”

Always sustainable “From the beginning, Stanley/Stella’s mission has been to produce premium garments in a more responsible and sustainable way. They therefore integrate sustainability into everything they do. This means that they take deliberate and conscious decisions about what materials they use, who they work with and how they work,” explains Ralawise.

“At every stage of the supply chain, they insist on respect for people and our planet. Whether it’s choosing to only work with a limited number of state-of-the-art factories that empower and protect workers, or creating products from 100% organic cotton or recycled materials – our community can be confident that every garment is crafted and delivered with respect and responsibility at its core, and is fully certified to reflect this.”