Say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to sustainable style

“We’re all increasingly conscious about sustainability and we’re both seeing and making changes. Consider the dramatic reduction in our consumption of plastic carrier bags, the increase in reusable bottles instead of single-use PET ones and the number of electric vehicles on our roads,” states Mantis World. “But what about our industry? How can we see and better understand what we as customers and consumers can do to become more sustainable? We all have a great opportunity to help protect our world and, by doing so, help future-proof our businesses, as the demand for sustainability is going to grow to a stage where it’s a fundamental part of our everyday lives – we all need to act.

“Mantis World has already pledged to use only sustainable forms of cotton throughout every garment we manufacture by 2021, and we’re swapping to recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester for our hoods and sweats. This isn’t a range of sustainable products nestled in amongst our main collection; this is a company showing total commitment to sustainability across every aspect of what we do. It’s all about trust, honesty and doing what we believe is the right thing.”

Mantis Essential Organic T New from Mantis, the Men’s and Women’s Essential Organic T (M01/M02) is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in a range of 12 colours, including mélange shades. Both 160gsm styles feature a smooth surface that’s perfect for print, and a tear-away back neck label to make personalisation as easy as possible, adds the brand. The tees will be available in a choice of up to seven sizes.

Mantis has been including organic cotton care labels on its products for over five years, but the new Essential Organic Ts will be the first garments produced by the brand with QR codes on the labels. These can be scanned to show the exact impact that you, your customer or the end user can have on the environment, explains the brand. You’ll be able to see how many litres of drinking water you’ve saved by choosing an organic garment; how much energy has been saved; the land mass that hasn’t had to be farmed using potentially toxic pesticides; and a summary of the production chain and relevant certifications.

“It’s a clear and easy indicator of exactly what we can all do, and the impact our choices can have – all wrapped up in an ethically responsible, perfect-for-printwear T-shirt package. And once you see the metrics, you’ll be amazed at just how enormous and immediate the impact of choosing organic can be. Multiply this up, and you can see just how big a difference you can make without compromising on either quality or style,” adds Mantis.

The Baby Dips T from Babybugz

Babybugz Baby Dips Also new for 2020, the Babybugz babywear brand has given two of its most popular styles a two-tone makeover, launching the Baby Dips T (BZ57) and Baby Dips Bodysuit (BZ58). Made from super soft, skin-friendly, 100% organic cotton, the new additions have the same styling as the Babybugz plain T and Bodysuit, but have been dip-dyed in two “bright and cheery colour combinations”: white/ bubble-gum pink and white/surf blue.

“They’re wonderfully nostalgic, but also totally fresh and ‘now’, and because the upper half of the garments has been left white, they provide a great basis for decoration,” explains Babybugz.

The babywear collection is also upping the size range on several of its styles to include age 4-5 years, meaning that the not-so-littleones can now also be kitted out in the Organic Denim Jacket (BZ53), Hoodie (BZ32) and All-in-One (BZ25). “If colour’s your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that the bestselling T (BZ02) and Bodysuit (BZ10) now come in 21 colours each – with the T now also available in age 2-3 years,” adds the brand.