Zippies by Mumbles – a new concept in plush toys

The Mumbles range offers an even greater choice of promotional bears, animals and accessories in different shapes, sizes and variations in 2018, all of which are perfect for a special gift or promotion, says the brand. “With a wide range of clothing and embroidery opportunities, this collection is great for branding or enhancing with a logo for any occasion,” it adds.

This year, the brand Mumbles is launching “a new concept in plush toys” – the Zippies by Mumbles range. The animals and bears have been cleverly designed so that they can be embroidered, printed or sublimation printed with ease. This is achieved via zip access to a removable inner pad, which enables decoration directly on to the toys’ tummies. “Available in a number of characters, these plush toys suit everyone and have immediately inspired customers due to the ease of personalisation,” reports the brand.

There are 10 new Zippie plush toys to choose from. The Zippie Rainbow (MM555) is bright and colourful with shades of green, blue, red, yellow and purple, plus white pads on its feet, ears and tummy.

The Zippie Unicorn (MM557) has white fur with pink fluffy detailing round its feet, cuffs and down its back, with cute, contrast silver feet, paws and horn.

Boasting oversized ears and ruffled trunk, the adorable Zippie Elephant (MM558) affords access to both the ears for added decoration opportunities. The Zippie Dragon (MM559) comes in a suitably fiery red colour with red sparkly detailing on its ears, wings and horns.

The toys have been cleverly designed so that they can be embroidered, printed or sublimation printed with ease

Both of the Zippie Elephant’s ears can be decorated

The Zippie Lamb Cushion has a hook-and-loop tab fastening

The Zippie Baby Bear from Mumbles

Soft and cuddly in an all-over cream colour, the Zippie Angel (MM561) has fabric wings and silver eyes and nose, while the Zippie Monkey (MM562) is “full of fun with its cheeky little face!”

The Zippie Reindeer (MM560) is ideal for those seasonal gift ideas, having contrast fabric antlers and bright red nose, while the Zippie Baby Bear (MM556) is available in baby blue and baby pink – perfect for personalised baby gift ideas.

The final two Zippie additions for 2018 are the Zippie Lamb Cushion (MM600) and Zippie Bear Cushion (MM601). These cosy cushions feature a hookand- loop tab fastening so they can be opened up to make a pillow, and they can also be sublimation printed.

All the Zippies comply with EN71 European Toy Safety regulations and therefore are suitable for all ages.

“These toys are a great addition to the already extensive range of bears, animals and plush items in the Mumbles range,” says the company. “Why not also take a look at some of the other accessories available in the range, such as the Bracken Bear (MM001)? It comes in light brown, in three sizes – S, M and L – with a white/blue tartan ribbon and contrast pads on paws and feet.”