When you’re mixing your inks the priority is to be sure you are following the recipe exactly. Most colours are mixed with a combination of a base and several pigments. How much you put in can have a dramatic effect on the final colour if you don’t do it right. When they say 256.78 grams of a pigment, you need to put exactly that in the bucket. Do that and it will come out correctly, as specified by the ink manufacturer, every time. Will it work for every application? No. Sometimes you need to adjust, and the problem is usually related to opacity rather than the hue straying off in another direction.

When you adjust an ink, take detailed notes. Why? Six months after you used that ink concoction you dreamed up for that fantastic design, you are out of ink and need to mix another bucket. Now you can’t seem to get it right and you have a print crew standing around doing nothing. Talk about stress. However, if you jotted down the recipe and entered that into your ink notebook, or production system, or ink software, then you can replicate that colour easily.

Marshall Atkinson | Atkinson Consulting