Virus launched its Wow printing system at Fespa 2017

Virus launched its new wet-on-wet (Wow), eco-sustainable textile printing system at Fespa 2017 in May.

The water-based inks contain Wow technology, which is said to remove the need for a flash between screens during production, as demonstrated by the printing of a four-colour print on the company’s stand at the show in Hamburg. The new Wow process promises advantages in terms of cost savings, increased productivity and simplified procedures, and the company hails it as “an extraordinary and awaited revolution for the textile screen printing sector”.

It offers, explains Virus, an opportunity for printers to use smaller and less expensive equipment, combined with “punctual technical support” and an affordable, online colour separation service.

The company says it pledges to offer tools to printers that allows them “to increase productivity by simplifying the printing processes and enhancing performance” for “unbeatable results”.


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