Virus Inks has announced the launch of its new digital hybrid printing inks: Digi White and Digi Pro 1.

Digi White is a ready-to-use, water-based white matt ink, which is designed for printing a pre-digital underbase on coloured fabrics. Soft and elastic, its exclusive formula makes it versatile and suitable for creating wide underbases, as well as printing thin lines, fine details and half-tones for screens up to 120 mesh, explained Virus.

“For a greater brightness and colourfastness, it’s recommended that users apply a layer of transparent Digi Pro on top of the white underbase that’s been previously dried, rather than proceeding to digital print on a base that’s still wet.”

Digi Pro 1 is a transparent ink with a twofold function, says Virus. “Perfect on its own as pre-digital base on white fabrics, it can also be used as a protective top-coat – this enables users to create a matt finish, offering flexible protection that increases its resistance to the washing of the digital printing.”

Both Digi White and Digi Pro 1 can be used on a variety of different fabric types, such as 100% cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester, polyester blends and nylon. Available now, and used in the Anatomy feature in the upcoming April issue of Images, both inks are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, as well as PVC-, phthalate- and formaldehyde-free.