Norwich-based screen printing company VinoSangre has announced its relocation to a new, larger premises.

Mikee Parker, owner of VinoSangre, said: “We moved the business from Cornwall back to Norwich three years ago, and moved into a small commercial unit. In that time, we have completely outgrown that unit, so when the lease came to an end we decided it was a good opportunity to move somewhere bigger.

“We literally moved just two miles down the road – we were within the Norwich ring road, and now we’re just on the other side in the Airport Industrial Estate.”

Mikee explained that the company has effectively doubled its premises in size following the move in March as its old unit was approximately 750sqft, whereas the new unit is 1400sqft and includes a mezzanine office.

“The move was actually fairly stress-free. Luckily, we moved the day before lockdown started, so were able to get everything moved and set up just in time!”

Since the move, VinoSangre has upgraded its exposure unit to an M&R NuArc MSP 3140, as well as purchasing a second Vastex drying cabinet. The company is also currently waiting on a new tunnel dryer, which is coming from Pressure & Ink Screenprinting in Germany.

“The new unit has so many benefits compared to the old one, and it has been great setting it up and laying it out exactly as we wanted,” added Mikee.

“It’s nice to have some room to move, and generally has a much nicer, more relaxing vibe.”

The VinoSangre team

VinoSangre has upgraded its exposure unit to an M&R NuArc MSP 3140