FOL International has appointed fashion designer Vera Chambers to head up European design and product development for its brands, Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe.

Joining the design team based in Kaiserslautern in Germany, she is taking the creative lead on all design processes, from the initial idea for a new product to optimisation of existing products.

Especially during the development phase of new designs, she stays in close contact with the production team at the company’s own manufacturing facility in Morocco to further advance the development of new fabrics, colours, styles and fits.

She also works with the European sales team to ensure that design development is aligned with customer needs and handles conceptualisation, market analysis and research into colour and future trends.

Before joining the design team at FOL International, Vera worked as an independent designer for various fashion brands and has over 16 years’ experience in the fashion industry.

She said: “It’s the combination of decades of tradition and quality that appeals to me at Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe. I look forward to shaping and developing the diverse product portfolio with my focus on innovative and sustainable solutions.”