Vastex International has introduced a new option for its entry-level D-100 and D-1000 dryers to provide an alternative way to remove excess moisture and fumes.

The two models – the smallest conveyor dryers produced by Vastex – are now available with Powered Exhaust, both on new units or as a retrofit kit on existing units.

It allows for the exhaust hood to vent from the top of the dryer for maximum flexibility in ducting to the outside of the print shop while also significantly reducing noise.

Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex International, said: “The powered exhaust hood pulls fumes and hot air away from the operator’s environment, making these compact dryers ideal for working in confined spaces, especially when curing direct-to-film adhesives.”

The D-100 and D-1000 entry-level dryers can cure up to 110 plastisol-printed garments per hour, or 50 garments per hour printed with water-based ink or discharge, as well as direct-to-film (DTF) adhesives at high rates.

They feature variable controls for both heat intensity and conveyor speed which allows fine-tuning of the drying process according to ink type, ink coverage, desired cure temperature and the rate at which items are being screen printed or coated with DTF adhesives.

The D-100 is equipped with a 46 x 117 cm conveyor belt and a 41 sq cm, 1,625 watt infrared heater. The D-1000 comes with a 66 x 142 cm conveyor belt and a 51 x 41 cm, 2,050 watt heater.

The heaters can be raised, lowered or angled to accommodate bulky garments or irregularly shaped items. They carry the same 15-year warranty as Vastex’s larger dryers.

Available in 120V or 240V models, the dryers can be placed on a tabletop or on utility carts for easy movement within the print shop. Their compact size and light weight also make them portable for onsite printing at fairs, concerts, trade shows and other events using a small generator or other power source.

The D-100 and D-1000 dryers are distributed in the UK through Dalesway Print Technology.

Vastex dryer

Pictured: Vastex D-100 dryer with optional Powered Exhaust hood