The upgraded Vastex C-1000 Screen Coater

Vastex has added a digital voltmeter to the C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater to allow operators to dial in a specific coating speed based on the voltage reader for consistent, reliable results.

The screen coater, which was launched a year ago, also now includes a redesigned, spring-loaded, top screen clamp that is capable of accommodating screens between 25 cm and 90 cm in height, with virtually no width limitation, with weights up to 5 kg.

The improved screen coater also features a larger and more powerful motor that is capable of handling heavier screens, as well as providing a smoother motion. It has a pedal-control, meaning operators can have two hands free while using it rather than one. According to the company, the rate at which the screen travels during the downward coating stroke can be adjusted – according to emulsion viscosity, screen mesh and emulsion thickness – to output as many as 50 screens an hour, each with three coats of emulsion.

The wall-mounted machine is available in a 110- or 240-volt model.