The new multi-purpose LittleRed X3-D infrared dryer from Vastex is capable of curing direct-to-garment printed textiles as well as plastisol, water-based and discharge-printed garments at higher rates than is possible with conventional dryer designs, according to Mark Vasilantone, the company’s president.

The dryer is claimed to cure 360+ plastisol-printed garments, over 100+ water-based or discharge-printed garments, and (at 4-minute dwell time) 38+ garments printed with digital white ink, per hour.

Mark explains that the X3-D model features a high-powered pre-heating zone, which allows higher conveyor belt speeds and dryer output.

The dryer is configured with a 224 cm long x 76 cm wide conveyor belt and 104 cm long heating chamber, and features a powerful exhaust system as standard. The conveyor belt is continuously centred by a roller belt tracking system and is driven at precisely controlled speeds to vary dwell time – up to eight minutes in dual chamber models, which are particularly suited for Kornit DTG printers and high capacity screen printers. Models with 137 cm wide conveyor belts will be introduced in the autumn of 2017.