New from Vastex, the E2-CTS Exposing Unit offers “a high speed, space-saving solution” for shops wanting to create print-ready screens using computer-to-screen (CTS) digital printers, reports the company.

Digitally-printed CTS screens slide on edge into place for secure, light-tight exposure, without the need for glass panels, vacuum hold-downs or rubber blankets associated with conventional exposing units. Vertical orientation of the CTS unit requires about one-third the floor space of horizontally-oriented designs.

Touchscreen operation and adjustable screen guides allow the operator to select the screen size to be exposed, slide the screen into the chamber and expose it. The E2-CTS unit allows for up to 10 exposure settings to be stored as pre-sets for rapid production.

The high-output LED light pack with six 76 cm light bars is said to expose screens in seconds while producing high resolution half-tones up to 85 lpi and “crisp detail in ultra-short exposing times”.

Vastex says its proprietary high-output LEDs can cure any emulsion rapidly. It continues: “The unit operates efficiently at 20% of the power required for metal halide, provides uniform lighting intensity cycle-to-cycle and remains cool during operation.”