Vastex International has introduced an infrared conveyor dryer with a two metre wide conveyor belt. 

The LittleRed X3D-78 can accommodate three rows of normal sized garments or two rows of oversized garments, “yielding higher capacity than any conventional dryer in the equivalent amount of floor space”, says Vastex. It is said to be capable of curing 185 garments DTG-printed with digital white ink, 1080 garments screen-printed with plastisol ink, and 555 garments screen-printed with water-based ink or discharge per hour.

Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex International, said: “All LittleRed XD series dryers are specifically engineered to cure DTG-printed digital white ink, which is the most difficult due to its high water content, and can therefore also cure all types of screen-printed inks at extremely high rates. 

“This super-wide machine is ideal for high-production shops that need to handle the maximum output of automatic presses and/or direct-to-garment printers including shops running high capacity KornitDTG machines. No other dryer of equivalent size or cost can match its performance”.

The company notes that the DTG-specific feature of the dryer is a high-powered pre-heating zone that boosts ink temperatures past 150°C within the first few centimetres of conveyor travel, which “increases the dwell time that ink is exposed to optimum curing temperatures, allowing the speed of the conveyor belt and machine output to be increased”. 

The LittleRed X3D-78 is 260cm long, 226cm wide and 137cm high, and features a 31.2 CMM targeted exhaust system as standard to rapidly remove moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, while keeping exterior surfaces and controls cool. 

The new dryer also offers precision-thermal-profiling (PTP) to match curing conditions to the drying characteristics of each ink type, particularly difficult-to-cure inkjet-printed white ink. Its three 30.5 x 183cm wide heaters output a combined 26,700 watts at 240V, and are digitally controlled and height-adjustable to maximise curing efficiency for bulky or over-sized garments, and have a 15-year warranty.