Vastex International has unveiled a system that combines powder-to-film coating and integrated curing within one unit that takes up less than one square metre.

It features the Vastex PTF-100 Powder-To-Film Coating System which was unveiled last year for direct-to-film (DTF) printing, and comes with an integral Vastex D-100 Conveyor Dryer.

It is designed to increase production of film for printing by applying and curing adhesive powder quickly and conveniently within a footprint of less than a square metre.

An integral exhaust hood removes moisture and fumes which is especially critical in confined spaces typical of many print shops.

Vastex president Mark Vasilantone said: “Mounted on a utility cart, the mobile system allows an operator to apply a uniform layer of adhesive powder to a run of DTF graphics and cure them uniformly in an infrared conveyor dryer from a single location. When not needed for DTF, the system can be rolled away.”

The PTF-100 coating system (patent pending) features an angled steel casing and clear polycarbonate door with dust-tight seal for mess-free operation.

Supplied as standard are two interchangeable cartridges, each of which can hold around 1.4kg of adhesive powder, for quick and clean refills.

The coating cabinet accommodates film up to 406mm to 508mm and features an adjustable timer for repeatable results.

The compact D-100 dryer with 46cm-wide conveyor allows adjustment of temperature, belt speed and heater height to cure film at high rates.

The heaters of all Vastex dryers carry a 15-year warranty and feature closely spaced coils that provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under curing.

Vastex International manufactures conveyor dryers for direct-to-garment (DTG), DTF and screen printing applications as well as screen printing presses, flash cure units, screen exposing units, screen drying cabinets and washout booths.