You’ll know the name, now get to know the person. Dave Roper, managing director of Dave Roper, talks about Nerf guns, living in Australia and falling off chairs

How long have you been working in the industry?
For over 30 years. I left school and went straight into printing on the old YTS scheme before starting on my mission to take over the printing world… I got as far as setting up and running the type of company I always wanted to work for and kinda stuck with it and like it.

What’s the best thing to happen to you at work?
It sounds really corny, but there’s a best thing that’s happened every year for the last ten years: we’ve won dealer of the year for Europe from one of our suppliers, M&R. It never ceases to make me proud that even as we expand we continue to look after our customers. Probably the very best thing though has to be the introduction of Nerf guns to our office. No-one escapes; customers and suppliers alike all incur the wrath of the Nerf!

Which tune can’t you get out of your head?
Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce from that MoneySuperMarket advert – it’s driving me crazy!

What’s your favourite TV show?
Gas Monkey on Discovery. I’m a car man so anything car-related makes me happy.

Salt and vinegar or cheese and onion?
Cheese and onion, unless there’s a pickled egg thrown in, then it’ll be salt and vinegar

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?
I was doing the guru thing for two of the younger members of our team and leaned back while chatting. The chair broke, the arm went and I flipped backwards in true slapstick style. I’ll never live it down.

What’s your most unappealing habit?
I asked my team and apparently it’s when I sneak up while everyone is working quietly and announce that I have a new idea.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
An occasional round of golf. I’m not a ‘do business over a round of golf’ guy or anything like that, I just love a game with a group of older blokes from my local club who have the best stories. They are honestly hilarious!

What’s your hidden talent?
I travelled for a bit when I was younger and did some training as a Mexican chef so I’m a demon with chillies and tamarind.

If you could have anyone else’s job, whose would you want?
Our apprentice Adam, he just giggles all day!

What is the best place you’ve ever visited?
Coogee Beach, Sydney. I lived there for a while and waking up on one side of the beach and walking across to work on the other side every day was paradise.

Which gadget or app couldn’t you live without?
I’m sure everyone says this but it would be my camera and having the ability to catch cool things I see: T-shirts, artwork, my daughter’s tantrums, my staff mucking around, my beautiful wife and a million more random, amazing things that catch my eye every day.

If you could ask one person one question, what would you ask?
Donald Trump, how often and what do you feed your rug?

Golf is Dave’s guilty pleasure

Dave with his daughter Grace in Watergate Bay in Cornwall