You know the name, now get to know the person! Mike White, divisional director at Kustom Kit, talks about his love of Leicester City FC, wallpapering and playing top-level men’s hockey…

How long have you been working in the industry?

27 years! I started with six years at Burton McCall selling personalised Maglite torches and Victorinox Swiss Army knives. Then two years at Supreme in Blackpool (now SPS) selling promotional acrylic and paper products, and 16 years at Fanela as a sales manager supplying decorated garments to the promotional/ corporate industry. I joined Kustom Kit in 2019 as an external sales exec, was promoted to divisional manager in 2021 and have just been made divisional director, in January 2024.

What’s your most overused word or phrase?

Good question! Literally ‘Good question’.

Which tune can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC. I’ve just finished watching ‘Town Called Malice’ on Sky, which featured some great tracks.

What’s your favourite sports team?

Leicester City.Iwas fortunate enough to meet a number of the players during the 2015/16 Premier League title-winning season. We’ll be back in the Premier League soon!

Mike is a top-level men’s hockey player

Mike is a top-level men’s hockey player

Mike would love to be bilingual one day

Mike would love to be bilingual one day

Tomato ketchup or brown sauce?

I like a mix of both on my bacon roll.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?

Back in the early ‘90s (shortly after I had passed my driving test), I was asked to ‘quickly move’ the managing director’s lovely new BMW to allow for an urgent delivery. I moved it as requested, very quickly… but straight into another parked car!

What fact about you surprises people?

I represent England in Masters Hockey, and I’m very fortunate to have travelled the world playing in European and World Cup competitions. This is my 30th year of playing top-level men’s hockey in the Midlands for Boots Hockey Club.

What’s your greatest ambition?

I would really like to learn another language… watch this space!

What’s your hidden talent?

Wallpapering! I find it quite relaxing and I’m a perfectionist.

Mike predicts Leicester City FC will be back in the Premier League soon [Image: Arne Müseler under CC BY-SA 3.0 DE DEED]

Mike predicts Leicester City FC will be back in the Premier League soon [Image: Arne Müseler under CC BY-SA 3.0 DE DEED]

Wallpapering…who knew that it could be relaxing!

Wallpapering…who knew it could be relaxing!

If you were to do another job, what would it be?

Looking ahead, I would like to do more voluntary/charity work. During Covid, I spent three months working for the NHS in Leicestershire as a volunteer collecting PPE/supplies from around the UK and distributing within the community hospitals.

If you could be anywhere on Earth right now, where would you be?

Right now I would love to be in India, watching England play in the Cricket World Cup.

Which gadget or app couldn’t you live without?

Ring Doorbell. It allows me to check if my son has walked our dog, amongst other benefits.

If you could ask one person (living or dead) one question, what would you ask?

I would like to ask my younger self the question: knowing what I know now, what three things would you do differently?