You know the name, now get to know the person. Joel Chadwick, managing director of Chadwick Textiles, talks about his talent for accents, Moscow mules, and wanting to be a safari guide

How and when did you start your career in the industry?

Working in the warehouse for Chadwick Textiles when I was 17, which my father (the chairman) reluctantly agreed to, as I had dropped out of college.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you at work?

I think it’s developing and then moving into our new purpose-built Chadwicks site here in Altrincham nearly three years ago. It gave the whole business a lift, and things have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Which three words would your friends use to describe your personality?

Hyperactive, competitive and amusing.

Joel has always wanted to be a safari guide

The vast wilderness of Tanzania

What’s your favourite word or phrase?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Salt and vinegar or cheese and onion?

Cheese and onion.

Which tune can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

Love Me Again by John Newman.

What’s your hidden talent?


What’s your greatest ambition?

To die content.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

A Moscow mule – vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.

A Moscow Mule is Joel’s tipple of choice

Any regrets, George?

Is there another job that you’ve always wanted to do?

Safari guide.

Where is the best place you’ve ever visited?


Which gadget couldn’t you live without?

I think I could live without a gadget.

If you could ask one person (living or dead) one question, what would you ask?

George Best – any regrets?