Mighty Hoops from ETC Supplies

Nicola Bone Glendinning, joint owner

Tell us a bit about your business 

Uniform Shop is a family-run business based in Northamptonshire offering an online ordering system and a retail outlet for parents to be able to bring their children in to try the uniforms on for size. 

What is the latest item of embroidery equipment you’ve purchased, and why did you buy it? 

We have recently changed the way we purchase garments and have looked at a slicker way to provide our parents with embroidered items as quickly as possible. We used to get the items delivered in with the logo already on them, but found we had no control on the time it would take for the orders to arrive and had no ability to do urgent orders for new starters etc. We initially purchased one Brother PR670e embroidery machine in May this year, but found that the hoops supplied with the machine were slow [to use] so we looked at alternative options. After doing some research and getting advice from other embroiders, we contacted ETC Supplies and ordered the HoopMaster Mighty Hoops system and an additional hoop.

How much did it cost?

Although the initial purchase of the system and one extra hoop cost £900, the amount of time it saves in hooping the garments soon pays for itself. I cannot imagine using anything else – I can hoop a garment in seconds. 

What‘s it like to use? 

The freestyle arm is perfect for bookbags and small items while the main HoopMaster is ideal for polo shirts and sweatshirts. We have since purchased two further machines (one in June and another in August) and get two hoops for every machine.

Nicola uses Mighty Hoops on her Brother embroidery machines
What is it used for, ie what size runs and type of work? 
We use these hoops for small runs – ones or twos – and also use them for larger production, ie runs of 50+. We always have one garment on a machine and another one ready so as soon as the machine finishes we can put them on.
Is there anything you‘d like to see in a new version or don‘t particularly like about it?
I would like to see the brackets included in the price for the hoop as it is £156 for each hoop and the brackets are an additional £28 per hoop (although ETC has had an offer on where you get the brackets half price). I‘ve also purchased a big hoop for doing the backs of tops that costs £198, but the brackets are the same price.
What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a new hoop system? 

My advice would be to not hesitate to spend the money on the Mighty Hoops. They are strong enough for garments and bags (including big backpacks) and because of the time it takes to hoop an item you will soon get your money back in increased production.