The 5-star Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey, which is home to Michelin-starred Bohemia Restaurant, is a luxurious establishment with staff dressed to match

Steve Smith, head chef, and Ellen de Jager, head pastry chef, at Bohemia, The Club Hotel & Spa

The uniforms for the spa, housekeeping and reception staff are all from Inline London and suit the style of the hotel, says general manager Tim Phillips. “Their style represents our brand as it is simple and minimalistic, but stylish and smart. We have had this uniform design and cut since the hotel opened as it works really well for us. Although their uniforms are aimed at spas, we feel it really suits our housekeeping and reception staff too.“ The chef whites are bought from Bragard.

The waiters wear tailored suits, which are bought locally, as Tim explains: “We visit designer shops in Jersey and in the past we have had our uniforms from Paul Smith and Thomas Pink. Currently the uniform is a blue striped tailored suit.“

For garment decorators, the news isn‘t good when it come to branding. “None of our uniforms have logos, personalisation or decoration,“ says Tim. “This is a theme that we have kept throughout the hotel, spa and restaurant. None of our staff wear badges and we have no signage in the hotel. The theme of The Club Hotel & Spa and Bohemia is very minimalistic as we feel that badges, logos and signage are very corporate and that’s not what represents us. Our style is smart but casual.

“The main thing we look for in a supplier is making sure that the uniform we buy will not go out of production. We buy our uniforms to suit what we need at the time, so for example when a new staff member starts we order a uniform in their size. We have to make sure that if a uniform is going to go out of production, the supplier sells a similar piece with an almost replica design and cut.“