One of the attention-grabbers of the Fespa Global Print Expo in Amsterdam in March was the Filmjet DTF system from Polyprint.

This is the fourth iteration of its DTF machine, and is set to be the one that will be available commercially this summer once beta testing is completed, confirmed CEO George Benglopoulos.

One difference between this roll-fed system and the other DTF systems on the market is there is no slack in the film during the powder application process, which George says can potentially be a weak point in the process. The film is taut throughout and uses an air and vacuum system to remove the powder, along with an anti-static bar to ensure no grains of powder stick to the film. This system, along with a film guide to ensure the film stays straight, allows it to be left to run unattended, freeing up staff for other jobs. 

It takes 100m rolls with a width of 60cm. Other features include four 13200 print heads, auto-white circulation and CMYK ink agitation, multi-zone smart curing, and auto-powder application and recycling.

It is expected to be priced at €45,000 and will be available from July 2024.