At the Schoolwear Show earlier this month, Trutex displayed a range of ‘concept blazers’ with the aim of innovating the market and providing more practicality to the traditional school blazer.

“This year has seen much debate in the press regarding school uniform; be it the number of badged items, secondhand provision or whether students should wear uniform at all!” said the schoolwear manufacturer.

“We all know that uniform is both great value clothing as well as practical, but the blazer was the focus of some negative press – seen to be too formal and outdated.”

To counter some of this negativity, Trutex developed a range of three ‘next generation’ blazers: The Button Up, which has a high button-up lapel design; The Insert, which has a removable insert that features a hood to help keep out the cold and rain; and The Padded, which offers added warmth with feature padding.

At the show, Trutex asked visitors to vote for their favourite. Add your vote by following this link:

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