The latest addition to its Q Series, Trotec has introduced the new Q500 laser cutter.

Using Trotec’s OptiMotion control system, the Q500 has a maximum processing speed of 2m/s, offering “fine engravings up to a font size of 4pt with sharp shoulders and defined details”.

The new cutter has a 1300 x 900mm bed size, and is available with two different laser source options — the 60-120W power DC CO2 glass tube model, which is perfect for cutting applications, while the dual-source model, which also features a 60W CeramiCore RF CO2 source, enhances speed and reliability for applications that involve a lot of engraving, explained Trotec.

The Q500 also uses JobControl software, which acts as a print driver and is compatible with a wide range of graphic design programs.

The cutting system is fully supported by Trotec’s UK subsidiary, with extended warranty options and training available, as well as ongoing support from the company’s UK-based technical service and support team.