New versions of the Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 laser engraving machines have been launched by Trotec.  

Both systems now include the newly developed Ceramicore laser source with a small beam diameter, which is designed to enable laser engraving of fine structures, lines and characters. The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is 100% ceramic.

OptiMotion is also now available for the Speedy 100 and Speedy 300, which automatically searches for optimal speed parameters, explained Trotec.

“The operator only needs to determine the power and speed required to cut through the material or to vector engrave — regardless of the cutting geometry.

“When processing the job, OptiMotion adjusts the speed and acceleration in real time, depending on the geometry.”

The key switch and emergency button on the updated Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 has now been moved next to the keypad, so that the laser process can be stopped immediately in dangerous situations. A new uniform keypad has also been implemented with an intuitive arrangement of the symbols, including haptic elements for blind operation.

Both systems also feature a newly integrated LED lighting to provide a uniform illumination of the working area — this is designed to improve comfort for the user, and allow for the quicker setting of engraving and cutting jobs.