This is the year of athevening: if the word means nothing to you, then join us for a trip down this season’s catwalks

Athleisure is set to move up a fashion notch this year with the advent of athevening. What is that, you ask? Quite simply, it’s sportswear that is made to be worn out in the evenings. Ralph Lauren and Caroline Herrera are just two of the big names who dressed their catwalk models in athevening garments and with the broadsheets excitedly chattering about the rise of this particularly glamorous strain of athleisure, you can be sure it won’t be long before the indie clothing brands will be ringing up and asking for well-cut sweats and on-trend track pants to be decorated.

There are plenty of examples to choose from, including the embroidered shorts from Glamorous, a garment that can be teamed with a simple top for a cool, sophisticated look. Its imprint partner is the LV831 Ladies Microfibre Shorts from Finden+Hales.

New Look offers a complete sports look that oozes style, from futuristic leggings to flattering, long-fit tops. Spiro has a wide range of performance garments that can be used to recreate the look, including its S274F Fitness Women’s Crop Top, the S272F Fitness Women’s Stringer Back Marl Top and S171F Women’s Sprint Pant.

Clockwise from left: LV831 Ladies Microfibre Shorts from Finden+Hales, Tombo’s TL515 Men’s Slim Fit T-shirt, Studio Women 01409 – a French terry sweatshirt from Sol’s, Sprinting style from New Look

Sports T-shirts are now figure-hugging affairs that show off muscle definition both in the gym and when out drinking cocktails (low-calorie ones, naturally). TKMaxx has a vibrant, fitted green tee that is not for the shy, while the more subtle, slim-fit T-shirt (TL515) from Tombo offers a sophisticated T-shirt for night and day.

Asos has added a glorious flamingo-embroidered sweat to its spring/summer 2016 collection – it’s the epitome of athevening. Those looking to it for inspiration will find the new French terry Studio Women (01409) from Sol’s a good starting point.

Get the sprinting look with Spiro

Asos sweat with embroidered flamingos

Colourful embroidered shorts from Glamorous

Green sports T-shirt from TKMaxx