Marathon Threads

Bestselling thread: Marathon Viscose Rayon

“Marathon is one of the world’s leading brands of rayon. Many articles would have you believe that the overwhelming trend is towards polyester, but 85% of our sales are Marathon Rayon. Year on year, Marathon Rayon sales keep on increasing and rayon is still the preferred choice for the majority of established volume, high-quality embroidery processors in the UK. It has a thread count of 40 and is ISO 9001 processed and Oeko-Tex-certified.”

Thread that adds most value: Marathon Metallics 40s

“All brands of metallic require a slightly different machine set-up to standard embroidery threads, but embroiderers can add a premium to their embroidery pricing if they incorporate metallic into their designs. Marathon Metallics is available in 24 shades.”

The ‘undiscovered thread’: Hilos Iris Trilobal Polyester

“Trilobal Polyester gets close to Rayon in terms of sheen and lustre, but the few brands of Trilobal on the market can be very expensive. Our new Hilos Iris thread – popular in the US – gives high quality at an affordable price.”

Thread we have a soft spot for: Marathon Viscose Rayon

“No surprises here, it’s the Marathon viscose rayon! It’s the bedrock of our thread business with many thousands of cones and cops delivered every month to commercial embroiderers, retail stores and home embroiderers. People love it and we love supplying it.

ETC Supplies

Bestselling thread: Premium Rayon

“Just like the big brands but half the price, Premium Rayon embroidery thread from ETC Supplies is manufactured using special, high quality, viscose fibres. These special fibres allow us to make a thread that has excellent strength and offers smooth running in embroidery machines. Our colour range is Pantone compatible and we have the most popular colours in stock for next day delivery. We can also match up thread colours to other brands. The manufacture, spinning and winding of the Premium Rayon embroidery thread is all done on new machines, which enable us to maintain high quality products.”

Thread that adds most value: Spun Polyester Underthread

“The ETC Supplies Spun Polyester Underthread is available in ticket 120 and 150. Both sizes are wound onto 10,000 yard cones and are available in black and white. This is a consistently high performance underthread that, due to its very low price and excellent running, provides the embroiderer with the ‘most value’. It provides excellent looping and runs trouble-free, has good strength and, due to its high quality winding, will run smoothly on your bobbin-winding machine.”

The ‘undiscovered thread’: Gutermann Mara Thread

“The special Mara sewing threads (100% polyester with Micro Core Technology) are absolutely reliable in automatic sewing. They feature excellent tensile strength and wear resistance and are of the highest regularity – they’re made for the most beautiful seams.

The new Mara threads provide an impressive, fine appearance, absolute evenness and a ‘no-compromise’ reliability on automatic sewing machines. Along with their perfect sewability, these threads are completely dust and lint-free. The result is beautiful, even seams for menswear and ladieswear as well as perfect buttonholes and decorative seams.”

Thread we have a soft spot for: Premium Polyester

“Our Premium Polyester embroidery thread is a fantastic thread for today’s fast running embroidery machines. The thread is manufactured from the highest quality polyester fibres and is produced on the most modern machines available. The thread has excellent tensile strength coupled with smooth running in your embroidery machine. Premium Polyester embroidery thread has several advantages over other threads and is more durable and colourfast which makes it an obvious choice for workwear, babywear and nightwear due to its low flame properties.”