Are you guilty of reaching for the same thread every day? Get ready to try something new as four companies nominate their favourite threads, from the one that adds the most value to the ‘undiscovered yarn’



Bestselling thread: Classic

“Classic offers 100% natural viscose for high quality, sophisticated embroidery work. Four different weights combine beauty with functionality: global standard No. 40; lighter No. 60 for small lettering and fine detail; heavier No. 30 ideal for knitwear and larger designs; then the thickest, No. 12, for a decorative, hand-stitched look. Over 400 vibrant colours, including ombré and multicolours, washable at 95°C – “perfect for all market segments.”

Thread that adds most value: FS & Supertwist

“Madeira’s unique selection of high quality metallic threads presents added dimension to both industrial embroidery and decorative applications”. There are 250 stunning colours and a total of nine different thread thicknesses, each with very different properties. “Varying from smooth and sparkling, extremely fine to more substantial weights and even ranges for chlorine, bleach and denim wash, FS & Supertwist creates endless opportunities.”

The ‘undiscovered thread’: Luna

“Glow-in-the-dark Luna thread adds a truly unique dimension to embroideries, adding artistic flair. Produced in a No. 40 thickness, it is ideal for highlighting parts of embroideries and perfect for Halloween, partywear, childrenswear and outdoorwear.”

Thread we have a soft spot for: Frosted Matt

“The only matte embroidery thread. Utilising ceramics, Madeira has created a new edge to embroidery with Frosted Matt. The matte finish, light fast to automotive standard, allows a stronger, truer colour comparable with print. The velvety soft, smooth finish and sumptuous colour range has made Frosted Matt a big hit with manufacturers and fashion designers alike.”


Bestselling thread: Gunold Sulky 40

“Sulky has a silky smooth shine, even colouring, high non-fade properties and colourfastness. Unlike other embroidery yarn suppliers who may mix cheap viscose to their viscose embroidery yarns, Gunold always uses 100% ENKA viscose for all Sulky colours. This ensures there is no difference in quality from one colour to the other. Also when reordering a colour, the embroiderer can be sure of really getting the same colour again. For resistance to tearing or abrasion there is nothing better and this also applies to the low level of fluff, the consistent evenness and low frequency of thread breaking.”

Thread that adds most value: Poly Fire

“This thread is 100% polyester, however, during the spinning process, a special coating is applied to the polyester fibre preventing the thread from catching fire easily. It is the ideal choice for embroidering onto garments or fabrics that have been made of flame-resistant materials as it is not only important for a garment’s fabrics to be flame-resistant, but also for embroidered logos, designs or lettering. It’s ideal for embroideries on oil industry and fire brigade uniforms, laboratory coats and other textiles that have to meet the requirements of flame protection. Poly Fire should also be used as bobbin thread.”

The ‘undiscovered thread’: Glitter Thread

“Although similar threads such as metallics have existed for a long time, Glitter is a newer variation that adds something a little different. Glitter is a metallic foil yarn. Like a hologram, the cut, untwisted yarn surface refracts the light, adding brilliance to any embroidery design. It produces sparkling, eye-catching embroideries and is particularly effective for large scale patterns with longer stitches. Glitter is available in five plain shades – gold, silver, red, blue and green – plus one multicoloured type.”

Thread we have a soft spot for: Gunold Poly 40

“Gunold Poly 40 is an increasingly popular choice, rapidly competing against our Sulky 40 thread range for the bestseller title. Poly, as you would expect from the name, is a 100% polyester thread and, as with all the Gunold threads, it is made from high quality raw materials which are finished by applying up-to-date twisting and dyeing technologies. It is extremely durable, incredibly tear-resistant and colourfast to chlorine, making it the ideal solution for embroideries on workwear, jeans or caps or any items that have to be washed at high temperatures (95°C) or may have to be bleached. It is available in 300 colours including eight vivid neon colours.”