Uniform supplier Tibard has announced its recent acquisition of a Lectra Vector IX fabric cutting machine.

The company says its investment in the machinery, which includes Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology, will lead to increased production capabilities. “Our present cutting machine achieves 85% up time, whereas the new Lectra machine is expected to be able to reach 98% after a brief installation period,” explained Tibard.

“The Vector IX will also be able to increase our British manufacturing output by 30%, which in real terms means over 3,300 extra garments a week. The mechanical benefit of this new cutting machine is that stock held as ‘work in progress’ will reduce by 50% within six months of installation.”

Tibard said that its previous Lectra fabric cutting machine has served it exceptionally well over the past 10 years or so. “However, with time and heavy usage comes reduced efficiency, quality and support for repairs and general maintenance. So, in order for us to remain competitive and improve our clothing quality, it’s time for an upgrade.

“This investment was also influenced by our environmental awareness, and our new cutting machine will be 20% more energy-efficient than our present one. In addition, being able to produce so many garments on these shores saves on both the financial and environmental costs of transporting them by air or ship.”

Tibard says its new machinery will enable production of over 3,300 extra garments a week

In preparation for its new machine, Tibard has also modernised its marker making software, which it says now automates a large amount of the pattern setting process and improves its machine’s efficiency. It will also allow more complex cutting patterns to be produced, due to the improved computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Operations director Andy Shackleton, added: “Tibard has always committed to British manufacturing. This new cutting machine facilitates greater output and efficiency in clothing production, and we think that it’s a fantastic platform for us to expand our manufacturing capabilities even further. Our customers will really see the benefit in both their physical uniform and our wider services.”