Machine: Oki 711WT White Toner Printer

From TheMagicTouch

Simon Banister


Tell us a bit about your business
I supply merchandise to the music industry and retail sector, specialising in digital print merchandise.

What digital transfer printing system do you use, and when did you buy it?
I use an Oki 711WT white toner transfer system using the SpaceControl software. I purchased the machine about a year ago after winning a contract to supply a national retail chain with personalised safetywear. The machine cost £1,995 + VAT.

What other systems, if any, did you look at before purchasing this one?
I looked at both DTG and a VersaCamm.

Why did you choose your current system?
I needed a system that was quick, high quality and cost effective. The only set-up that fits this bill is the Oki white system.

What’s it like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
It’s very easy to use, specially when combined with TheMagicTouch SpaceControl software. If you want to get the most from this machine you must experiment. The potential for the printer combined with speciality papers is huge. Name me another machine that comes in under £2,000 that can print garments (all colours), metal water bottles, lighters, wood, glass, teddy bears, coloured mugs, books and more. I love to have a ‘play’ on a Friday afternoon to see what I can come up with. Being in the music industry, they are always looking for something a little bit different and, more importantly, quick.

I use sublimation and occasionally vinyl, but find myself relying on the Oki more and more due to the speed and quality

What is it used for, ie what size runs and type of work?
I use the machine for one-off promo work through to bulk runs for tour merchandise. A customer can (and often does) call me on a Friday morning requesting XXX be printed and dispatched that day for a concert tomorrow. This is where it excels, in my opinion.

Is there anything you‘d like to see in an upgrade or don‘t particularly like about it?
There isn’t anything that jumps out. A slightly stronger white, perhaps.

What other machines do you have and do you use them in combination with your digital transfer printing system?
I use sublimation and occasionally vinyl, but find myself relying on the Oki more and more due to the speed and quality. What is the point of spending time weeding when I don’t need to?

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a digital transfer printing system?
As a small business you need to be able to adapt. Versatility is key as it gives you that edge. Also, purchase from a company that has an excellent reputation and customer service like TheMagicTouch. Their technical department is phenomenal and always there to give you the back-up you need.