The MagicTouch’s (TMT) experience over many years has shown that selected sublimation, solvent and eco-solvent printers have major issues when turned off for extended periods of time. Most have built-in cleaning systems that avoid them drying up and causing issues with the print heads, which is fine for a few days. 

“However, it could be that we’re in this current situation for months and therefore preventative maintenance will be required,” adds the company. “If the ink-based printers are not expected to be working for weeks it makes sense to remove the cartridges or any ink-feeding system, flush them out using the correct cleaning fluids and store the printer until needed. Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations for each make and model.”

In regards to toner-based printers, such as the Oki models, TheMagicTouch can confirm that no such steps are necessary. The printers can be simply turned off and left until needed next. When toner-based printers are not being used they need no maintenance.