TheMagicTouch (TMT) has introduced two new heat presses, which together answer the needs of both entry-level and established garment and textile decoration businesses.

The Hobstar heat transfer press is aimed at those looking to enter the business on a budget. The clam style A4 press is compact, light and easy to re-position making it especially suitable for mobile events and retail locations. The Hobster is compatible with all transfer papers from TMT and also suitable for most sublimation platen based print applications.

Jim Nicol, TMT’s managing director, commented: “The introduction of the Hobstar press complements the new entry-level printers and plotters now available allowing many to enjoy and grow into the personalisation market without any financial risk”.

For established businesses that are already involved in professional garment decoration production, there is the new Insta 256Plus manual swing-away heat press with 16”x 20” (40 x 50cm) platen. “Meticulously crafted to accomplish and evenly distribute high pressure throughout the entire platen,” the machine has a cast-in tubular heating element which heats the metal from within for a consistent and long-lasting heat.

The press’s new Quick-Change platens are a standout feature, allowing operators to quickly swap the lower platen with any of Insta’s new accessory platens, such as those for sleeves and bags. “The quick-change feature also allows you to quickly rotate the lower platen in a matter of seconds to suit your applications,” Jim advises. A gap opening of 6.99cm (2.75″) allied to easy pressure adjustment facilitates the printing of thicker substrates up to 3.49 cm (1.375″) thickness.

“The Insta 256Plus is made from a combination of materials, making it lightweight without sacrificing the strength and durability for which Insta machines are known,” adds Jim.

Both models will be on display at the Printwear & Promotion show in January 2018.

The new Insta 265Plus heat press features Quick-Change pallets